Students Powering Change with Light Up the World

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UofC SEDV Students
June 1, 2018

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Funds for this campaign will go towards supporting a student trip to Peru with the Canadian, non-profit organization Light Up the World (LUTW). On this trip, U of C Sustainable Energy Development (SEDV) graduate students will help LUTW provide rural communities in Peru access to sustainable electricity. Contributions to this campaign will help fund the costs of the battery-based solar PV equipment, training, meals, accommodation, and travel associated with this 10-day trip.

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Our volunteer trip to Peru with Light Up the World was an unforgettable and truly invaluable experience. Not only did we develop a solid technical understanding of solar PV through hands on experience, we were also able to observe, first hand, the challenges of off-grid solar development in geographically dispersed, rural areas. It was humbling to meet so many individuals with such little monetary wealth, yet such great appreciation for life and obvious contentment with life’s simplicities. Bud Funding was a key factor in our fundraising success - we were able to gain exposure to our initiative through access to their crowdfunding platform and Sustainability Expo. As a result, we raised $5600 towards the expenses associated with our volunteer mission. These funds went towards a truly sustainable cause and we are so appreciative of the support received!