How it Works

  1. Register & create a campaign.
  2. Talk about your project on our next Sustainability Expo panel.
  3. Drive funders to financially contribute to your campaign
  4. Hit 75% or more of your fundraising goal!
  5. Collect your money

Our Approach




Campaign intro on social media

Video creation

Sustainability Expos

Analysis of expo day feedback and results


60 day campaign

Posting on website

Notifying expo day participants

Weekly updates on fundraising status

FAQ published


Final update to funders

Update to funders when project is active

Our Partners

Collaboration is the key to a sustainable future and we deeply value the partnerships we’ve built in the city of Calgary. We’re always open to new partnerships and collaborations. If you have a project you would like to run a crowdfunding campaign for, please use our submission form or contact us for details. If you would like to collaborate on an event or join us at our next sustainability expo please contact us.


Create an engaging campaign video
Rewards must be related to your campaign
Provide high quality rewards
Send personal messages to funders

When a project is successfully funded, in exchange for Budfunding’s platform and services, 5% is collected from the total funds raised.  There is a third-party payment fee (paypal) of 3% plus a 30-cent service charge for each credit card transaction. Lastly, a payment of $25 CAD will be required for all international wire transfers sent by campaign owners to international bank accounts (This fee is exclusive to campaign owners).